The UFW’s fake people and fake stories

Welcome to United Fake Workers. This site is devoted to educating the public about how the UFW lies about workers and employers in order to discredit its opponents and stay relevant.

Here we briefly explain the UFW’s use of:

We also show how to recognize fake farmworkers at UFW protests.

The United Farm Workers is a dying union. Its current leadership has plunged UFW membership 90% or more from its peak under César Chávez. It can be kept alive only by getting politicians to force California farmworkers into UFW contracts.

The UFW relies on the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) as its enforcer. The ALRB – the board, the staff, and the in-house lawyers – are full of UFW activists. Even though the law requires ALRB to be an “impartial” advocate for farmworkers, it is the enforcement arm of the UFW.

So few farmworkers support the UFW that the union needs to lie to its supporters – and to the public – in order to stay afloat.

United Fake Workers is a project of Pick Justice, a farmworker rights group based in Fresno, California.

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